Heart Transformation Treatment Services


Immediate Enrollment

CARES Treatment aka Heart Transformation Treatment, is CARF Accredited. We offer a complete combination of short or long term residential inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment. Admittance can be immediate with open enrollment at any time or day of the year.

A Team That Cares

Our health care team consists of caring clinicians, life coaches and caregivers. Unlike behavior modification methods, they specialize in treating the hearts of children, teens, dependent young adults and adults with simple issues such as lack of motivation, learning disabilities, behavioral dysfunctions and oppositional defiance to severe addictions of any type, delinquencies and all mental illnesses.

Healing Hearts and Renewing Minds 

CARES offers heart transformation treatment instead of behavior modification for you or your loved one. Family members can participate in treatment and counseling through tele-therapy from anywhere in the world on any device.

Experience Heart Transformation

We are so happy that you found CARES Heart Transformation Treatment. You are about to embark in an exciting journey towards healing, hope and restoration.

For Assistance, call 407-901-4000 ext. 809